5 May 2011

Finding Uri
A man's journey to discover the father he never knew

Finding Uri is a memoir written by a man who has only one fleeting memory of his father. Uri Munro, a naval aviator flying off the U.S.S. Enterprise in the Pacific during World War II, was shot down and lost in January 1945.

The author, also a Navy carrier pilot, unexpectedly received a box in the mail following his mother’s death. It contained 190 letters written back and forth between his young parents, Uri and Betsy, while Uri was in the service flying in TBM torpedo bombers.

After almost a year’s consideration, the author began a two-year process of reading the letters and writing about the experience in real time. He includes photographs and often-emotional excerpts, and weaves other family members into the story.

Using thorough research Munro tells the fascinating history of Uri’s Torpedo Squadron 90. But more significantly he gets to know his father — and his mother — during that two-year period in their lives. It’s an intimate, true tale that the reader discovers along with the author.

Available from:
People's Press