2 May 2014

U-Boats at War - Landings on Hostile Shores

I recently purchased this book from The Lewes Book Centre in Sussex (definitely worth a visit if you are in the area).

U-Boats at War - Landings on Hostile Shores is a fascinating book, which covers the relatively unknown visits of U-boats and their crews to locations as diverse as Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Africa, Spain, the Canary Islands, and the Arctic. The author, Jak P. Mallmann Showell does an extremely comprehensive job of covering the stories of these incidents, and manages to effectively dispel some of the post-war myths that developed about secret U-boat bases and the like.

The table of contents is:
  1. Irish Fiascos
  2. Icelandic Betrayals and Failures
  3. Sabotage in the United States
  4. Investigating American Atom Bombs and Jet Aircraft
  5. Intrusions into Canadian Waters
    Landing Leutnant Langbein from U213
    Landing Werner von Janowski from U518
    Daylight Raid in Conception Bay
    Picking up Escaped Prisoners of War
    The German Base in Canada
  6. Along the Fringes of the Sahara
    Landing Jean Lallart from U66
    Mediterranean Landings
    Munitions Transporter for Rommel's Army
  7. Neutral Spain
    The Spanish Supply System
    Repaired in Spain
    Interned in Spain
  8. The Mysterious Canary Islands
    Was the a Secret Refuelling Base?
    U-boats on the Canary Islands
  9. The Barren Arctic
    U212 Landing on Bear Island
    U703 Rescues Russians from Hopen Island
    Arctic Reconnaissance
  10. Arctic Meteorological Stations
    U365 Sails to Spitzbergen
    U354 on Hopen Island
  11. U722 Supplies the Garrison at St Nazaire
  12. The Final Defiance
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