12 March 2009

A Long Night for the Canteen Boat - The Story of HMS Cassandra

A Long Night for the Canteen Boat is subtitled 'The Torpedoing and Salvage of HMS Cassandra December 11th 1944.

HMS Cassandra was torpedoed by the U-387 during the night of the 11th December 1944 while part of a convoy from Murmansk. 62 members of her crew were lost. HMS Cassandra was towed back to Kola Inlet and was later returned to the UK.

This interesting little book is a compilation of the recollections of 16 members of HMS Cassandra's crew, describing the torpedoing, their experiences marooned in Murmansk while the ship was repaired and interaction with the Russians, and their return to the UK. While the book covers a very specific incident, it provides an enlightening insight into the experiences of Royal Navy crews who escorted the convoys from the Shetlands to Russia.

From the publisher Arcturus Press

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