21 May 2009

Len's War: Ambulance Convoy Despatch Rider in WW2

Len's War is the story of Len Smith, a British Army despatch rider serving with an Ambulance Convoy in North Africa and Italy. The book has been produced by his son-in-law, Dave Hambridge, in an e-book format. It contains personal anecdotes and photographs from the period, and a general account of the combat for the non-specialist reader.

Sadly Len passed away in May 2009, just a month short of his 87th birthday.

The book is available free to read here.

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dave hambidge said...

Hello there. Just a quick note to say that I have highlighted this blog in an e-booklet I have produced to accompany an interview I will be doing on BBC Radio Stoke (North Midlands of UK) on Sunday 24 May 2009 at 1400hrs BST.

The subject will be internet publishing and blogging.

To see the e-booklet, please go to;


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