18 February 2010

Favourable Winds - free book to download

Favourable Winds - A Twentieth Century Odyssey tells the personal story of Gerry O'Neill, who sadly passed away last year.

Gerry was a member of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War, and while this book covers his entire life, the chapters relating to his wartime experience are of particular interest. I have extracted these from the table of contents to indicate a flavour of the content of Favourable Winds.

Growing Up in North Dublin and Going to Sea 1925-41

Canadian Pacific Steamships, 1941-42
  • R.M.S. Empress of Asia
  • Escape from Singapore
Irish Shipping Limited, 1942
  • s.s. Irish Larch (ex Haifa Trader)
  • The Matriculation Examination
British Merchant Navy, 1942-43
  • s.s. Lornaston
  • Air Raid on London Dockland
  • Invasion of North Africa
Ministry of War Transport, 1943
  • North Africa – Interpreter, Algiers and Oran
  • Spared by a German Airman
  • Danke Schön, Fritz, Für Unserer Leben, und Guten Reisen
Marriage and a Brief Honeymoon, 1943
  • Another Welcome Respite from the War
  • Du Bist Mein Ganzen Herz
Special Exercises, 1943
  • Operations Mincemeat and Cockade
  • We bury "The Man Who Never Was" at Huelva
  • An Abortive Invasion Attempt
  • Liaisons Dangereuses
Canadian Pacific Steamships, 1943-44
  • R.M.S. "Empress of Australia"
  • A Passage to India and the East
  • A Venture into the Carpet Trade
The Loneliest Christmas I Ever Spent, 1943
  • A Bleak Day in Belfast
  • No Room at the Inn
Stranded in Cork, 1944-
  • A Most Opportune Football Match
Farm Labourer, 1944
  • A Welcome Break from Hostilities
  • A Few Peaceful Days in Bangor, North Wales
Further Episodes on the R.M.S Empress of Australia, 1944
  • Encounter with a Hurricane
  • Momentous First Visit to New York
Russian Convoy, 1944
  • Repatriation of Soviet Prisoners from French Labour Camps
  • Inability to Save Lives at Sea
  • Libera Nos a Malo
Flower Class Corvettes
  • North Atlantic Convoys
North Atlantic Convoys, 1944-45
  • The Toss of a Coin and the Loss of a Friend
  • A Great Personal Tragedy
  • Non Nobis sed Vobis
Off to War in the Pacific, 1944
  • A Frightening Passage through the Panama Canal
  • Russian Roulette in New Guinea
The Battle of Leyte Gulf, 1944
  • The Most Incisive Battle of the War against Japan
  • “War is too important to be left to the generals” - Winston Churchill
The Battle of Iwo Jima, 1945
  • A Hard-Fought Encounter with the Japanese
The Last and Costliest Battle of the War – Okinawa, 1945
  • Fortunate to Survive a Near Fatality
Sojourn in Honolulu, 1945
  • Experience of U.S. Care and Attention
Favourable Winds is downloadable free of charge in PDF format, or you can purchase the print edition from Lulu.

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