8 May 2010

WWII in the Pacific - DVD collection

If your particular interest in the Second World War focuses on the battles in the Pacific, then you are particularly well catered for at the moment.

As well as the mini series The Pacific, and reprinted editions of classic books, Reader Digest have now brought out a 6 DVD collection, containing over 12 hours of footage, including period newsreels.

The 6 DVDs are:

  • America Taken by Surprise - The story of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Attack & Counter Attack - America's offensive in the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal and Tarawa
  • Victory in the Pacific - American forces turn the tide
  • Crucial Turning Points - A look at the stories behind 15 key battles
  • Headline Stories of the 20th Century - Authentic Hearst theatrical wartime newsreel footage
  • Going for Broke - The largely untold story of Japanese-American soldiers in WWII.
Plenty of material to keep you busy if the US experience of the Pacific War is your thing!

Available from:
Amazon (UK) (note: this is a US import so is in Region 1 - NTSC - format)
Amazon (US)

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