31 January 2015

HMS Beverley - A "Town Afloat" and The Town Ashore 1940-1943

HMS Beverley - A "Town Afloat" and The Town Ashore 1940-1943 is a unique account of a "town" class destroyer and the East Yorkshire town she was named after.

When, in 1940, the Royal Navy accepted fifty aging American warships, Councillor Burden, the Mayor of Beverley, wrote to the First Lord of the Admiralty requesting him to name one of the ships after the town. He agreed, and from that day on the people of Beverley adopted the ship and took a considerable interest in her exploits.

This book connects the activities of the ship at sea with life in the East Yorkshire market town during the Second World War. HMS Beverley helped to develop links between the town and Beverely, Massachusetts, and also Merthyr Tydfil, which adopted the ship following Warship Week in 1941. It follows the history of the ship until her fateful sinking in April 1943 while on convoy escort duty in the North Atlantic.

The author, Geoffrey Blewett spent many years tracing members of the crew and their families in order to write an accurate account of the ship and the town in wartime.

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