18 October 2015

For You Tommy the War is Over: The Experiences of the Durham Light Infantry Prisoners of War During World War II

This book tells the untold story of one regiment's men in captivity from 1940-45. The Durham Light Infantry served in almost every theatre of the Second World War, and over 3500 of its men were captured and taken prisoner.

For You Tommy The War Is Over explores their experiences, describes daily life in the camps and examines the part POWs had to play in the eventual victory: preoccupying large numbers of German troops, passing vital coded information to British Intelligence at great personal risk. Many men who joined up together found themselves imprisoned together, reflecting the fierce loyalty and comradeship typical of this renowned fighting regiment.

Compiled by Major Ian English, a DLI company commander and himself a prisoner in Italy, and military historian Harry Moses, this is a frank and moving account in their own words of the bravery and suffering of the Durham Lads behind the wire.

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