30 December 2015

I Just Wanted to Fly - The Story of WWII Glider Pilot Bernard Osborn

Growing up in the 1930’s, Bernard Osborn developed a fascination with flying. He would visitnearby airfields and peer through the boundary fences just to catch a glimpse of aircraft. It was on a visit to an Empire Air Day display and seeing a Hawker Hurricane for the first time that spurred his dream to become a fighter pilot.

When Bernard turned 18 he went to volunteer with the RAF to become a fighter pilot, only to realise that almost every other young man in the country shared his ambition to fly. Instead, Bernard was called up and eventually ended up training as a member of a tank crew. It was while serving with an armoured unit that he spotted a notice calling for volunteers for the Glider Pilot Regiment. Determined to become a pilot, he volunteered and began a journey that would see him take part in D-Day and Operation Market Garden, and serve in post-war Palestine.

I Just Wanted to Fly combines Bernard’s own words with a narrative of wider events of the time, to tell a humble yet charming story of one man achieving his dream to become a pilot. 

Watch extracts from interviews where Bernard Osborn tells some of the earlier parts of his story:

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