16 May 2016

Fight the Good Fight - Voices of Faith from the Second World War

The Second World War challenged many of the concepts that had provided stability and unity in the world. As totalitarian regimes in Europe and Asia attempted to impose their world view on their neighbours, a struggle for what Winston Churchill described as 'Christian civilisation' took place on many fronts. On the home front, on land, on sea and in the air, as well as in the horrific concentration camps of Europe and prisoner of war camps in the Far East, people of a Christian faith found their beliefs challenged. However, for many this challenge provided an affirmation of that faith, as it provided a rock amidst the ever shifting sands of circumstance.

In Fight the Good Fight, John Broom has collected the accounts of twenty such individuals, many drawn from previously unpublished sources. Their testimonies provide evidence that during a time of discord, disruption, dislocation and death, the Christian faith remained a key force in sustaining morale and a willingness to fight the good fight.

Fight the Good Fight includes the stories of:
  • Michael Benn, brother of Tony, killed in RAF action in 1944
  • Bill Frankland, an ex-Far East prisoner of war, still professionally active aged 103
  • Hugh Dormer, a Special Operations Executive in occupied France
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German priest who resisted Nazi rule
  • Carrie ten Boom, who survived a Nazi concentration camp
  • Ken Tout, a young tank commander in Normandy
  • James Driscoll, a London conscientious objector who carried the wounded from the battlefield of El Alamein
  • 'Tommy' Tomkins, who traveled the world in his role in the Intelligence Corps
  • John Broom, who served in Monty's Desert Rats in Africa and Europe
  • Israel Yost, a US Army chaplain ministering to Christians and Buddhists on active service
  • Stanley Warren, a London artist whose beautiful Changi murals saved his life
  • Eric Cordingly, a Costswolds chaplain who sustained men's faith and morale in Japanese captivity
  • Audrey Forster, a girl whose Lancashire home was turned over to the military and civilian evacuees
  • Edgar Mash, a London dentist whose testimony of deliverance from Dunkirk reached thousands
  • Ruth Hargreaves, a German schoolgirl turned refugee 
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