23 October 2013

An overdue update...

I haven't been very active at posting to the blog for a while (over a year I've just realised!) due to various reasons, but I thought it was about time to start adding books again.

In the last year I've been carrying out some research for an exhibition which will be taking place at the new Soldiers of Oxfordshire museum in Woodstock, near Oxford. This exhibition will be focusing on Prisoners of War in the Second World War, both men from Oxfordshire who were held overseas, and POWs who were held in camps across the county (the latter is my area of research). As a result, I've been reading quite a lot of books on this topic - many of which are hard to obtain but worth seeking out.

This has made me consider how I'll update the blog over the next few months. I'll be adding titles which relate to specific areas or themes - and would welcome any comments or feedback to tell me what I've missed out. I will not be providing all encompassing lists of books on specific topics, but I do hope to raise the profile of some books that I've found useful and interesting.

The first few posts will cover books that describe aspects of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands. With one exception, these are not memoirs - some do include first person accounts, but mostly they are reference books and narratives covering how the Occupation affected the islands.

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