23 October 2013

Fortress Jersey

The Fortress Jersey series were written by D.C. Holmes in the 1970s. Long out of print, I've obtained copies from Ebay, but they can be found on Amazon as well. 

Each of the books is around 70 pages long, and features a large number of photos from Holmes' personal collection relating to the German forces occupying Jersey. They do not contain an extensive amount of text, but the information they contain does provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, including information on specific units, ships, etc. I have detailed the contents for each below.

Fortress Jersey - Part 1 - The German Army in Jersey
  • Infantry
  • 319 Infantry Division
  • MG. Btl 16
  • Ost Btl 643
  • Panzer Abt 213
  • Reichs Arbeit Dienst
  • Artillery
  • Liberation
  • Strength of the German Garrison Jersey November 1944
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Fortress Jersey - Part 2 - The German Navy in Jersey

  • Naval Command
  • Merchant Shipping
  • Hafenschutzflottille, Gruppe Jersey
  • 2 Vorpostenbootsflottille (2 VP)
  • 46 Hilfminensuchflottille (46 MSF)
  • 24 Minensuchflottille or the 24th Mine Sweeper Flotilla (24 MSF)
  • Marine Artillerie Section 604 (3/MAA 604)
  • Strength of the Kriegsmarine in Jersey November 1944
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Fortress Jersey - Part 3 - The German Airforce in Jersey

  • Arrival of the Luftwaffe
  • Flak over Jersey (details the Flak Batteries on Jersey)
  • Brief description of Luftwaffe operated guns in Jersey
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It appears that there were two more publications planned - Part 4 - The Red Cross; and Part 5 - Civilian Life. As far as I can tell, neither were published.

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